Chris Whitehead

Profile Updated: December 2, 2008
Chris Whitehead
Residing In: The Woodlands, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Beth Whitehead
Occupation: District Sales Mgr & Product Trainer
Children: Ella Nicole Whitehead Born 5/30/02
Jack Tyler Whitehead Born 4/7/04

Yes! Attending Reunion
Life since High School:

Graduated from University of the Pacific in 1993. Traveled the country for a couple years living on the road. Wound up in Birmingham, AL in 1995 where I met and married by wife Beth. Took a new job in Houston in 1999. Just by coincidence my brother lived there which was great. Spent the last 9 years working and raising a family.

School Story:

I still think about the day I forgot...Getting "slide tacked" in soccer game my Junior year and hitting my head on a sprinkler. I know it was a concussion because I still don't remember that day and it's still bothersome. Not the head injury but the fact that I can't remember. Even though it probably explains everything.

And all the traveling to golf matches back when that sport was a dork sport.

The net? What's that? Did everybody wrap themselves up in it? I guess I was a real dork.

What was your nickname in High School?

I'm pretty sure there wasn't one back then but since I'm known as Whitey. It was adopted in my early college years and stuck ever since. It's even what my wife calls me.

What kind of car did you drive in High School?

I was fortunate to have my mom's car once or twice a week.

How often did you get grounded when you were in High School?


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