Michele Stoker Brown

Profile Updated: February 27, 2009
Michele Stoker
Residing In: Vista, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: None right now
Occupation: recptionist
Children: Two children a daughter, Jordan Brown (14)born 1994 and a son, Kyle Brown (12) born 1996
Yes! Attending Reunion
Life since High School:

I was in Ramona until October of 1992. My mother died in July of 1992 and I was having a hard time staying in Ramona. I was also dating Lance Brown (class of 1986) at the time, and he was attending Humboldt State in Eureka, CA so I decided to leave Ramona for the first time and Move to Eureka. I maried Lance in April of 1993. We had two children Jordan and Kyle. When Lance graduated with a degree in Wildlife Biology in May of 1996 we moved to a small town in central Nevada. The name of the town is Tonopah; poulation 2,500. It is known as Hell. Just kidding. It is very isolated but a great place to raise younger children. Lance got a job with the Breau of Land Management as a Wildlife Biologist. We seperated in 2002 and our divorce became final in 2004. The kids and I remained in Tonopah until April of 2007 when we decided to move back to San Diego and that is where I am now. I will fill in details at the up coming reunion.

What was your nickname in High School?

I had many nicknames. Stokee, vampira, hoover Thanks to Tambo(lol), Stoker's little sis.....................

What kind of car did you drive in High School?

Toyota Coralla SR5 hatch back and a Honda Civicc I also drove my brothers car before I got my licence. Meleea and I probably drove around more before I was legal. LOL

The craziest thing you did in High School:

There are so many to chose from but the one in which stands out is when Meleea Van Patten and I decided to see if we could make it to Poway and back during lunch. Meleea was dating someone from Poway High and we decided we would visit him. The one thing we negleted to know was the face that Poway had a closed campus for lunch. In the parking lot the so called lunch police stopped us and asked us what we were doing on campus. Meleea and I were always known for our quick thinking and getting out of trouble but for some reason we well I think it was Meleea but if she was telling the story it would be me that froze. She told this woman her mom worked with the school board or something to that effect and we were there to deliever papers for her. We even gave our real names. Dumb Dumb Dumb. We got back in time and were not even late. About 10 minutes into class we were called into Carter's office. The almost 7' Mr Carters office. Meleea did the smart thing and said "yes sir, we were totally in the wrong sir." but I decided to go another route. "But sir it doesn't say any where in the rules for off campus lunch passes that we can not go out of town and we were not late to class" Not the best thing to do with the scariest man on campus. Despite my sudden flash of stupididy we got off pretty easy. we only lost our luch passes for one week and I do believe we has to do what ever he asked us to do for about a month. If we got caught or that just think what we actually got away with HEHEHEHE!! Oh ya and I do remember going to grad nite in a bright pink cast one one knee and a brace on the other. NOT FUN!!!

The craziest thing you've done since High School:

I can't tell or I might have the Men In Black after me.

How often did you get grounded when you were in High School?

I'm not telling

Age when you moved to Ramona.


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